The Top 5 RPG Games in 2015

With the Christmas season fast coming upon us, it’s time to start once again thinking of gifts. Some people are easy to shop for. Others are a bit more difficult. And if you’re looking for video games for someone, then they most likely fall into the “difficult” range. Part of it is that it’s difficult to know what games to get. Especially if you decide to move outside of the Triple-A games, and into the realm of Indie games.

It helps that video games are divided into genres. If the person for whom you’re trying to shop likes RPGs, then here’s a list of the top 5 RPG games that most players like.

Western RPGs
Role Playing Games are further divided into smaller genres, and one of those genres is the Western RPG. This is a type of game that’s generally more open world, where you build your character’s stats and abilities and then go out to adventure. There may be an overarching story, but you may not ever have to interact with that story.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Skyrim is one of the most popular Western RPGs of the past five years. It’s loosely based on Norse mythology, placed inside the world of Elder Scrolls. You play the Dragonborn, a hero born with the soul of a dragon, which allows you to learn dragon magic. You can find the Legendary edition, which is the game and all three major DLC packages, for $40 on Steam for the PC.

diablo3Diablo 3
Diablo 3 is a game from the company Blizzard. You take control of one of six different character classes, each of which has different types of weapons and abilities. You then go on to use these abilities to fight evil demons, eventually leading up to fighting the devil himself. Diablo 3 is available on the Playstation 4, X-Box One, and the PC

Japanese RPGs
Japanese RPGs are role-playing games that focus more on story than open adventure. In it, you take control of the main protagonist and lead them through the story of the game. You generally meet with new friends and party members, and the game plays out much like a story.

Child Of Light
Child of Light is a game made by Ubisoft Montreal. In it, you take control of Aurora, a child who has woken up far from home. Aurora is in a magical land, and must help free this land from an evil witch. It’s beautifully done, with gorgeous graphics and a fantastic soundtrack. Unfortunately, it’s only available on Steam, though you can get it on the PC or on the Playstation 3 or 4. Either way, it costs about $15.

Bravely Default
In Bravely Default, you’ll take control of four heroes trying to save a magical crystal. The gameplay showcases an innovative mechanic in which you can build up points by staying in defense mode. Once you build up points, you can then use those points to boost attacks and other actions. Bravely Default is only available on the 3DS.

MMORPGs are similar to Western RPGs, but you always have to be online to play them. By and large, they’re all fairly similar. They may have a different flavor to them, such as Star Trek Online being a Star Trek style game, where as World of Warcraft is more sword and sorcery fantasy, but they’re all very similar in gameplay mechanics. Many of them are free to play, meaning that the game is free, but you can spend money on microtransactions to buy things in-game. These can be things like new costumes, new pieces of armor or weapons, or new animals or space ships to ride around in.

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