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Creating an RPG scene requires specific software, called as RPG creation software. There are many software out there, but the most widely used are explained below:

RPG Maker 2003 (boosted version by Yume Team):
RPG Maker 2003 is an Event-programming software (i.e., you do not need to enter a single line of code). It is the simplest software in the industry and it has similar graphics with the Super Nintendo. Thus, it is ideal for beginners in the RPG Making. This version has been improved by Yume Team, and it appears a patch to put music in MP3 format. This version already contains the RTP!

The Game Factory:
The Game Factory or TGF is a building software, but not specialized for the RPG. It is perfect for developing arcade games. If you are keen to learn a little but, you can develop a nice RPG games using this unique software.

Extensions for TGF:
TGF has the advantage compared to other building tools software that can change very easily with extensions that work as add-ons.
See the most useful extensions

Winamp 3:
Winamp allows you to play the majority of audio formats (MP3, MIDIS, WAV, CDA, WMA, …) and video (MPEG, AVI, …) with a very high quality. This is one of the references, and it lets you build your media library as well as Windows Media or Music Match.

IDraw Charamaker:
iDraw is a free drawing software particularly suited to the creation and modification of libraries for RPG Maker. It has few drawbacks, but enough to make a quality product, making it easy to use.

Resource Hacker:
Resource Hacker is a software to modify partially-finished product made by other tools. This is very convenient, especially to remove the splash screen of RPG Maker companies.

Snag It:
Snag It is a video capture software, ie it records to standard video format (* .avi and * .mpg) what happens on your screen. It is a great way to make a game trailers.

Avi Maker:
Avi Maker is a video frame by frame creation software, like a cartoon. It’s very long to achieve something, but if you are patient enough, you should be able to get quality videos.

Winace allows you to decompress all types of archive (* .zip, * .ace, * .rar, * .tar, etc.), in short, an indispensable tool.

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