Top 5 RPG Games in 2015

Top 5 RPG Games in 2015

Role Playing Games are further divided into smaller genres, and one of those genres is the Western RPG. This is a type of game that’s generally more open world, where you build your character’s stats and abilities and then go out to adventure. More »

RPG Games Builder Review

RPG Games Builder Review

Creating an RPG does require specific software, an RPG Maker. With this software, it is relatively easy to create your own RPG. You will find here the necessary software, as well as courses (tutorials) needed to start. More »


Best MMORPG of 2015

There aren’t much great MMORPG releases in the past few years, probably because the best ideas are already taken or because different people like different things. But there are still a lot of different new MMOs that are being released

The Top 5 RPG Games in 2015


With the Christmas season fast coming upon us, it’s time to start once again thinking of gifts. Some people are easy to shop for. Others are a bit more difficult. And if you’re looking for video games for someone, then

RPG Games Builder


Creating an RPG scene requires specific software, called as RPG creation software. There are many software out there, but the most widely used are explained below: RPG Maker 2003 (boosted version by Yume Team): RPG Maker 2003 is an Event-programming